Here I am, once again,

I’m falling to pieces.

Yesterday, I thought I could,

But now I’m falling to pieces.

It may be cliché to say,

But I’m just a record that keeps skipping,

Somewhere between the chorus and the beginning.

I can never reach a resolution.

All I am asking for is a revolution.

I want to change something.

I want to make something.

I want to be someone.

Someone. Anyone.

We are a generation. The generation.

Future leaders of the world.

If my generation is anything like me,

The world had better brace itself for what it may become.

Come. Here I come. I’m diving in.

The sea is roaring, crashing, waves are breaking in.

How long has it been?

Still thrashing, starving for something to quench my thirst.

While I keep on drowning. Water all around me.

Meanwhile, my record keeps on skipping,

Yet something tells me to move on,

The hardest part is always the beginning.


What do you think?

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