It was a kiss that stopped time.

Is it ok for a cynic to say that? Maybe I should not have told you that part. It does sound rather silly. But what the hell, cat’s out of the bag. I stand by my statement.

As his lips touched mine for the first time, everything around us stopped. The other cynics out there are now mumbling under their breath, about to close the book on yet another gag me love story. I know you. I am you. That being said, allow me to provide evidence as to why I know that for one second, time stopped.

Moments before “the kiss.” This part is for the hopeless romantics. By putting “the kiss” in quotation marks, it is a hidden message to you, skeptics. Go ahead and let your cynical selves skip over this paragraph if absolutely necessary because what I am about to say is only going to cater to a small part of my audience. The quotations indicate that this was “the kiss.” The kiss that is better than any night in the bedroom you’ve ever had. It is the kiss that brings you back to first grade, when holding hands gave you butterflies. It is the magical experience that connects two minds, bodies, and spirits as one for an instance. It is the first kiss. The last kiss. The kiss that can only end with a long moment of silence, diving into each others eyes, wondering if he just felt what she felt as he questions himself, did she really feel that too?


He is the first say something. “Was that… wow … was that … like that… for you too?”

“What do you mean?” I ask him as his eyes, embarrassed, try to go anywhere but there, in that moment with her. Me. He felt it too. “You mean… you felt it too? As if time, just—“

“Stopped. Yeah. Yeah I did.”



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